Tuesday, October 21, 2008

31 years old today

I turned 31 today. Old.
I got a Scraching Weasel, Trio Heart and a Peacock tattooed yesterday.
So far 31 is looking up.
Oh and I havent had a myspace password for 3 months at least.
So dont wish me a happy b-day on there.
Jason can you hook up that email we were talking about so I can fix that problem.


Corey said...

Happy birthday holmes.

Corey said...

post a pic of the tatoos


happy birthday jamie! and yeah, post a pic of the tats! and was it, jamie@xvala.com that you need?

Regan said...

Much love, buddy.

I am still 29 by the way.


mike said...

OLD! but beautiful. and yes, pics! now we're gonna look even gayer when people notice our tattoos. yes!

TheSnob said...

Have a happy birthday good sir.

kirk said...

happy b-day dude. see ya tomorrow night.