Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So This Is How it Goes.

Came back to OKC for my dad's sixtieth birthday.
Had a wonderful time with everyone.
Fly back to ohio... Go to work for a day.
Come home that night and everything is cool.
Then we get the call about Amandas nephew.
Speechless. We drove to OKC.
I got back late late late Monday night.
Amanda gets back tomorrow night.
Now i am just bummed out.. Its hard to be at work.
It makes designing t-shirts really not that important..
But I liked seeing you all. You guys are the best.
I cant wait until we all can hang again..
Even the people that weren't in town..

On a lighter note. Friday Should be camera phone friday.
upload your latest photos off your phone.. or not. i am

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