Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lab Day Weekend.

My weekend was good. I didnt take any photos though. Mike gets the prize for best of photo anyway. Just for the fact every photo taken of him are in the same shorts and shirt.. Now if he would only wear the pads all the time!
My weekend consisted of of:
1 Eating with Kirk and Eva
2 Going to a Southern BBQ and watching Mississippi State Loose at Football.
(I dont really watch football.. but watching it with Mississippians is fun)
3 Driving 2.5 hrs to go camping with the Old Lady.
4 Passing Amish folks in their buggies... Pretty Rad..
5 Buying Vegtables from an Amish dude and trying to fight the urge to ask him if he is a good bowler...
6 Maisy's diarrhea


Corey said...

So..... your not even going to mention the lost ferret was named Magellan.

P.S - I dare someone to call this number with a distorted voice and claim they have Magellan.

jamie tallerico said...

Haha! I was thinking about both..
Magella the lost ferret.. I was also thinking about acting as if i had found him and holding him for ransom.. When are you gonna announce the news dude!