Saturday, November 1, 2008

Killackey Update: Miss you all

The Hickey Revival was a must for this reunion. I figured that Corey would have appreciated it if he would have graced us with his presence. You may now refer to him as Tony the Tiger. I still love him, however. These pics were taken by an Edmond Memorial student who happened to be there, and I must say this kid is a wiz at photoshop.

Last night we took Darby and Scout trick or treating with some neighbors.  I do believe that I the best damn looking children known to mankind.  I am just waiting for Jamie, Jason or Corey to give my kids a run for their too, Kirk!


Corey said...

Where did you get that shirt!? is that an old one?

jamie tallerico said...

Haha. Darby is awesome. Nice photos toooo