Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jenni's, Obama & Us.

So my parents have been in town one night and they have already brought the excitement! First we ate dinner at Barcelona.. Checking it out for the rehearsal dinner. Then we went to Jenni's for some ice cream.. But the most fantastic thing happened when we were bringing them back to their hotel. Up in front of us is the Official Obama Bus! It was amazing. People start piling off the bus one by one. We saw Howard Dean and Kal Pen but no Obama. Apparently he wasn't on the bus that day. I was debating on getting out and getting my picture taken with Kal, but they had gone inside the hotel already. So we were about to leave when my mom came out and said hurry up they are in the lobby.. So I quickly parked the car, ran in and got a photo. We chatted abit and were walking out when one of Obamas people asked if we wanted to see the bus! How cool. Ive been on a million different tour buses but this was like no Rock bus I have been on. This was clean and fancy. It was presidential! No bunks for people to sleep on. Just a lot of cushy leather chairs.. We asked our tour guide which was Obama's seat. He pointed to a leather recliner. I knew right then I had to get a presidential photo! So Amanda took one of me and I took one of her... We felt like we had overstayed our five minutes. So we said our goodbyes and left. They were some of the nicest people.. They even offered us fruit!

Side Note: The bus driver said he is republican but after driving for Obama he might switch... He said Obama was a super nice man...